how much does it cost to get your wholesale car dealer license ???

it is one of the most common questions in our car dealer licensing class.

how much does it cost to own a california dealer license ?

we go over these items in our car dealer licensing class

car dealer licensing class fee $250. ( $350. for private class )

dmv car dealer application fee $151.

dmv car dealer license plate fee $ 91.

dmv car dealer examination fee $ 16.

dmv livescan fingerprinting fee $ 55.

dba statement with the county clerk and publishing $ 95.

car dealer license checkbook $ 100.

local car dealer business license $ 125.

california resale permit is no charge unless a bond is required

car dealer bond fee starts at $ 300 wholesale and $ 500 for retail

car dealer auction access is free with required documents

car dealer monthly rent starts at $ 200. per month

car dealer insurance starts at $150. per month