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how will outlaw renegade used car dealers meet the FTC used car rule ??

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how do the outlaw renegade used car dealers






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same old story…..cheat the government…..go to prison

State Investigators Arrest Two Riverside Men In Tax Fraud Probe

November 01, 2013

Posh home and Auto Sales Businesses Raided

State investigators with the Franchise Tax Board and Board of Equalization raided a million dollar-plus residence in Riverside and two automobile sales businesses Tuesday, October 29.   After serving the search warrants, investigators arrested Ahmad Mohamod Sami, 38 and Nader M. Sami, 45, both of Riverside.   According to the Riverside County Jail’s website, the two men were each booked on three felony charges including white collar crime, failure to turn over government money and filing false tax returns.

Investigators searched the homes on Wyndham Hill Drive and could be seen loading potential evidence into rented moving vans.  Parked on the two acre parcel were two Bentleys and a Jaguar, all with paper auto dealer plates on them.

Investigators also searched and removed items from A-one Auto Centers located in Riverside and San Bernardino.

“While this investigation has stirred up questions and intrigue among the public in Riverside, the investigators must go about their duties to determine what laws have been violated and see this case through the prosecution process,” said Alan Barcelona, president of the California Statewide Law Enforcement Association (CSLEA).  CSLEA represents nearly 7,000 law enforcement, public safety and consumer protection professionals who work for the State of California including investigators with the Franchise Tax Board.

To see video of  the Tuesday’s Raid visit PE Bloggers

Other articles: http://www.pe.com/business/business-headlines/20131031-riverside-bail-for-a-one-auto-owners-raised-to-2.6-million.ece

who is the money behind outlaw car dealer @shift_cars ???

Shift Technologies Raises $23.8 Million to Build Used Car Marketplace

Shift Technologies Chief Executive George Arison

Watson Lu

Investors have put more than $23 million into Shift Technologies Inc., a used car marketplace that is racing Beepi Inc. and others to disrupt the multibillion-dollar sector.

Founded less than a year ago, Shift co-founders see the same market opportunity that prompted Sherpa Ventures and other Beepi investors to plow $60 million into that startup last month.

The premise is that used car shopping–be it via dealerships or direct to sellers–is unpleasant, inefficient and woefully in need of a technological overhaul.

“It’s a huge market that we see the ability to rethink and rebuild,” said Draper Fisher Jurvetson Partner Emily Melton, who co-led the company’s Series A round.

Ms. Melton said she was most excited about the large opportunity Shift is attacking, which she compared to previous DFJ investments like Redfin for home buying and SpaceX for space travel.

Like Beepi, Shift allows people to buy or sell used cars from their phones. Unlike Beepi, which emphasizes the integrity of its car reviews to eliminate the need for test drives, Shift includes test drives.

Shift employs “car enthusiasts” who function as car concierges. They schedule “instant test drives” with potential buyers and bring cars to them personally. They also meet with sellers to establish a price guarantee and then take the vehicle to a Shift warehouse to be evaluated by mechanics, detailed, photographed and posted for sale across sites including AutoTrader.com, Car.com and CarGurus.com and as well as Shift’s own site, Driveshift.com.

Shift splits the difference between the guarantee price and the final sale price with the car owner.

“Our interests are aligned. If we can get a better price then we will,” Shift co-founder and Chief Executive George Arison said.

Mr. Arison said the startup also generates revenue through add-on services like financing and warrantees and plans to expand those products in coming months.

He said he will also use the funding to hire more employees, particularly engineers, and expand the team from 20 to 60 or so within the next six months.

Expanding the San Francisco and Los Angeles markets and ultimately opening new regions is also planned.

“We think we can 10x the business over the next six to nine months,” Mr. Arrison said.

DFJ and Highland Capital Partners co-led the $20 million Series A round with participation from SV Angel, Great Oaks VC and individuals including GoogleMaps co-creator Lars Rasmussen, Meraki Networks Inc. founder Hans Robertson, Square Inc. co-founder Jim McKelvey and Shazam Ltd. founder Chris Barton.

DFJ’s Ms. Melton and Highland Capital Partner Manish Patel join the Shift board.

Valuation was north of $60 million.

Shift raised a $3.75 million seed round that was previously undisclosed.

Write to Lizette Chapman at lizette.chapman@wsj.com. Follow her on Twitter at@zettewil

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gamechanger ??? or outlaw renegade car dealer ??? dmv will decide for tesla motors

WalletPop EditorWalletPop Editor RSS Feed

Model S. Source: Tesla Motors.The comparisons between automotive stocks and Tesla Motors‘ (NASDAQ: TSLA) lofty valuation continue. But Tesla CEO Elon Musk insists that the company is an automotive tech company — not just an automotive company. Though the claim is odd, Musk is right that Tesla, and the other automotive players, aren’t necessarily driven by the same underlying dynamics. And this is the primary reason so many bears shorting Tesla’s stock continue to miss the point. Particularly, Tesla has three unique factors driving the company forward that other automotive companies can’t count on.

Exclusive Superchargers
Tesla’s charging stations aren’t the typical electric vehicle charging station. On average, Tesla’s Superchargers are about 16 times faster than most public charging stations. In fact, Model S owners can get a 50% battery charge in just 20 minutes at a Supercharging station.

Source: Tesla Motors.

Then there’s Tesla’s aggressive expansion of Superchargers to cover 98% of the U.S. population by 2015. Internationally, Tesla just began opening Superchargers in Europe, and already has 90% of the population covered in Norway.

The combination of faster charging speeds, convenient coverage, and exclusivity, not only sets the foundation for Tesla’s planned mass-market car, but it also gives the company a temporary competitive advantage. In a way, it hedges the company’s ambitious aspirations.

A swappable production strategy
This point is rarely brought up in both bullish and bearish Tesla investment theses, but it’s crucial to the company’s business model. Tesla cars are manufactured in a far different manner than traditional vehicles. They have one standard battery platform on which they can mount varying motors and bodies. Even more, Tesla’s motor is a paltry one-foot in diameter. This swappable production strategy could very well give the company an advantage in achieving production efficiencies.

Tesla battery platform. Source: Tesla Motors.

“When we designed the Model S, we created a platform. So it’s not just a single car; we created something on which we could build many cars, and we are able to leverage that and bring a car to market fast,” Musk explained at the Model X unveiling.


Musk has expressed aspirations to eventually achieve gross profit margins that rival Porsche. Before Volkswagen acquired the luxury sports-car maker, Porsche was reporting a gross profit margin of about 50%. Already, Musk says the company should hit its 25% gross profit margin target, excluding zero-emission vehicle credits, by the fourth quarter of 2013.

Capital infusion
Thanks to investor optimism for the stock, Tesla’s $20-billion valuation has infused the company with capital to aggressively invest in Superchargers, production, and international expansion. The valuation itself is a strategic asset to the company. Its $20-billion valuation means that management has even more cash than they had planned for to make necessary investments, or even ramp up production and expansion more rapidly.

Securing the future
All three of these factors are building the foundation for the company’s eventual mass-market affordable car. And each factor helps to secure Tesla’s spot among the big automotive companies — and change the auto industry forever.

outlaw renegade car dealer??
cutting edge??
unfair competitive practices??
DMV Investigations will decide

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